Pasali aims to have its core remain small- to stimulate its business focus and prevent bureaucratic tendencies, and thus to remain flexible in tackling the challenges of seeing self-initiative, self governance, and sustainable livelihood established.

Source: Learning points for visitors, page15

How can Pasali stimulate its business focus while doing development works?

The FSS scheme introduced by PPF was consists of community building, skills development, technical assistance, farm loans, and marketing support.

Source: Farm support scheme, page 19

Can FSS scheme of PPF  be a tool for peace building in Mindanao? especially in there target areas.

Pasali NL- and PPF (including the farmers) would like to address/participate in the value chain processes.

Source: Chronological overview- Pasali -NL, page 22

What is value chain process?

What should be the role of migrants and farmers in this process?


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