self evaluation

Photography: One of the things that I want to explore.

I expect to have difficulty doing assignments and answering the open book test for this month because I am not used into writing and expressing what is on my mind. My goals are to challenge myself to write and to do things which I think I cannot do, especially the activities on this training.

In the first month of training, I really have a hard time writing even questions/ remarks on my readings.  Answering the open book test was quite hard for me, maybe I was confused with other questions and again, it needs writing.But I also knew there is a problem on my part because I did it few days before deadline.

Having the courage to take the challenges. Taking a step to widen my horizon and not just keeping myself  doing things which I am only used to are the best things I learn. Aside from this, I also learn to post blog which is new to me and in photography that taking pictures are not just clicking the button, it needs a lot of considerations to take a nice image, which are the things  that I am looking forward to learn more on these coming months.


May 6, 2010. Uncategorized.

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