On field experience

Trip experience

I’ve always been to Palimbang but this trip with the group is another experience because it’s my first time to do interviews  with the farmers, meet them personally and have some talk regarding their farm experiences. I am glad that most of them cooperated and enthusiastically shared about their farm expenditures and yield.

It was nice and fun. We ride in trailer (commonly used as transportation for goods) to visit the model farm and maguid farmers. Riding the trailer was fun and exciting. When we crossed the river, the trailer engine got stuck. The water had risen high and it splashed inside the carrier where we are sitting. But it did’nt take much, the trailer was still able  to cross the river.

Our interview with SRI practitioners

PASALI gave training about SRI (System of Rice Intensification) to 33 farmers.We have a chance to talk and interview with most of the SRI farmers. Regarding their farm experiences on their practice on SRI system of farming and some share about their conventional method of farming. And the role of weeder on their farming.

Roy Pandian, Pasali Model farm technician sharing his experience on farming

The SRI farmers have positive feedback on SRI. They all want to continue and expand from 1/4 hectare trial farm to 1 hectare and others do more, Even some got failure on their past harvest. They still continue to practice SRI because they believed that it is the answer to their long awaited yields that is to get 200 sacks and more. They should only need to practice the proper management from seeds and land preparation to harvesting.

According to maguid (name of village) farmers,  their conventional method of farming  yield was good. But the yield of the conventional method left them with nothing for themselves, because of high cost of inputs.  They are force to lend money to finance their farm and the worst is they will pay back almost double. With SRI the cost of inputs was lessen, even for now,  they got only average yield still there was enough left for them.

” Weeding at farm is a good exercise” said by Mr. Florante Sabiwang, an SRI  practitioner. The farmers proved that weeder is a great help for them. Because weeding at farm help produce more tillers that results increase of yields.

with Bebe Estrello - one of women SRI practitioner

The SRI system of farming is simple and easy to adopt. The farmers should  only have discipline and perseverance. Some said it is not possible to get that high yields especially those who don’t practice SRI. If the finance for farmers and the monitoring of their farm can be handled well, the impossible yield will surely be possible in Palimbang.

A group picture at the middle of rice field


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  1. tycoondawn replied:

    Please support your good reports with quantitative data/information. Numbers are important like, out of the 33 farmers, how many said that they would allot more hectares for SRI method of farming? How many would allocate more than one hectare for SRI?

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