Open book test

Answer to some questions:

1. P.A.S.A.L.I stands for Philippine Association of Sea-based workers for Savings, Loans and Initiatives. An organization founded by a group of Filipino seafarers living in Netherland with members coming from Muslim and Christian background. The savings mobilization concept is for the members to use in case of emergencies and loans to avail in time when financial capital is needed for business opportunities.

Through organizing fund raising activities the MUKRISVA- a micro credit association was established and setting up of OPDG- support small fishing activities that extended to credit loans for farmers. With the idea of bringing at home not only the earnings but also the skills and technology acquired abroad. OPDG  continue its operations as Pasali Philippines Foundation Inc.

The migrants itself is the strength of the organization. The technical know-how of its member took a big role in realization of their projects/investments. The fact that migrants contribute to the growth of the country’s economy and known for non political partiality made a positive image that could bring them more opportunities.

2. The technical center is the heart of PASALI because it is the base and carries other program units. It can stand alone even in the absence of other program units. Develop technical Innovations, provide jobs and train youths to enhance their capabilities, repair and maintain the farm equipment are the main role of technical center in the organization. Aside from this, the technical center is the program unit that generates income and operates self-reliant.

3. TRI-PEOPLE groups are the Moro Muslims, Indigenous People, and Christian settlers. Pasali believed that it is important to have Tri-people in the organization because they want to prove that this three group of people can be unite and work together without conflict. And Pasali also want to implement their projects that benefit the Moro, IP’s and Christians.


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