A simple school changes IP’s views in life!

school (Day care Center) was set up,  and the basic grade one started last June 2009  at Sitio Biao, Barangay Napnapon Palimbang , an IP village,  through Pasali support  and coordination of  Biao community and local government unit. This had a huge impact on Manobo Indigenous People (IPs). Its not just  sign of community development but also a change on  individual views in life.

The Manobo IP’s were hesitant to believe  Pasali because of their past experiences. They have been used by people and organizations for own benefit, without bringing any real change to the IP community. They thought that Pasali was just one of them. Until a community day care center was set-up . According to Vilma Bonifacio (one of few IP with high school degree and first teacher trained through Pasali support) said:  “when the school was built, their constituents was awakened that Pasali was really serious in helping them.” And now they are very supportive on Pasali’s programs.

According to Mr. Duma Bonifacio known as “Kumander Double 2” a sitio Biao leader, since Manobo IP’s in Biao had no permanent address  after they harvest their crops they transfer to another area. The school was became their landmark. Instead of finding another area to plant crops they cultivate on the same land again.

Having school in their village made them  realized the importance of education.The parents became interested and eager to send their children at school. It also gave them a chance to get together. That brought unity. They initiate new things to improve  their school. Like on school activities and in making additional school rooms.  Each of them contributed in cash and in kind to make it possible.

In my first visit to Sitio Biao with Pasali staff last March. It amazed me how Manobo IP’s changed views in life after the set-up of school, before they are not interested going to school and afraid to interact with the lowland people. Especially when the children performed their part on their program. Imagine a Manobo child who doesn’t speak before when around other people, now singing, delivering short speech and theater. It made us proud of them! THANK YOU is the words you hear from their mouth, and see in their eyes.


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