self evaluation

Write on!

FOR ME month of May, second month of training was another phase of learning process and some sort of self discovery.

I expect this month that my battle in writing– which is the focus of this training will be harder. It would not just a question/remarks but also writing in essay form.  And my goal is still, to challenge myself to write,  and not to worry too much on the consequences.

The hard thing I encounter was in starting to write; what should I write about? Or if I can think of something to write, how do I start? But I know its typical part of learning.

I learnt to be comfortable interacting with other people,( Like in our field experience) and began to speak up and put in writing what I reflect on, those things which I am not used to.

I believed that I really had hard time writing, like what I am saying on my last self evaluation that I am not used into writing, that’s why I have difficulty on it. But for this month, I realized that I can write, maybe not a very good one but for a start, I think I can! I didn’t tried becauseI doubt myself writing. Its maybe because I’m afraid of the consequences— fear of committing mistakes and being criticized. But somehow I realized that in order for me to learn, I must face it! “Just have fun, laugh at mistakes but learn from it.” so WRITE ON!


June 4, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. tycoondawn replied:

    Reading this post and your current post, I can say YOU CAN WRITE! As i have observed, you are a kind of person who is willing to take extra mile for the things that you need to cope up. I think that quality of yours will make writing easy and meaningful to you. Yeah, as what you said, Write on!

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