CRS and three of its partner organizations visited Pasali for SRI training and exposure

Last July 7-9, 2010 four organizations came to Pasali Philippines Foundation Palimbang. The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Philippines based in Davao city and its partners the Kadtuntaya Foundation ( KFI) from Cotabato City, Kasilak Development Foundation (KDFI) from Kidapawan City and Kaanib Foundation Inc.( KFI) from Bukidnon sent representatives from their organization with the total of 24, mostly agro-enterprise facilitators from various municipalities.

They visited Pasali for System of Rice Intensification (SRI) training and exposure. In their visit they expected to enhance their knowledge on SRI, prove the theory onto actual experiences, to further understand the comparison of SRI vs conventional farming and to know the appropriate technology applied on SRI farming.

The training started with an introduction to Pasali and a round of sharing guest expectations. Then a viewing of the SRI docu-film made by Pasali followed discussions. In practicum, they all walked to Pasali’s model farm for actual planting, seeds preparation, use of marker and plainer. Proceed to focus group discussion with other SRI practitioners took place in the Women’s market.  Then introduction of rotary weeders from its manual to motorized and batteryoperated development at Pasali Technical machine shop. Finally, they evaluated  their visit exposure.

The SRI technology introduced by Pasali since 2006 was came from their partner abroad, Pasali Nederlands. The farming technology that was low cost of inputs yet high yields. It’s unbelievable that one seedling produces a hundredfold of tillers. Thus Palimbang farmers saw that it’s true but still some are hesitant to practice SRI. Thus, the guest big question was how can they convince their farmers to shift into SRI farming? Cocoy Ty, Pasali head farm technician said that “You can’t easily convince farmers to fully practice SRI, because it’s risky for them since it is their main source of income but I suggest they should try first ¼ hectare or even less as trial farm.”

The film viewing ignited discussions on SRI actual practices. Farmers posed all possible questions regarding SRI even conventional farming, from seeds, farm management, productions to pricing. Pasali’s farm technicians  as trainers confidently answered them all. And SRI practitioners from area of Maguid, San roque and Kanipaan shared other techniques, like natural pest control and cultural management of pest. According to Mrs. Jojo Ganotice from maguid, they practice SRI because of curiosity that one seedling produce more tillers. “You must be caring and loving to your plant, give them what they needs. And cure any illnesses in natural ways not by buying chemical inputs.”

In the end of visit, all of them were thankful and the CRS want to link in Pasali. They said they learnt a great deal of new things useful for their home farmers.  The KFI of Cotabato city said that “their  expectations were 85%- 90% met; 10% is for improvement specifically on facilities.” They look forward to come back and see how the seedlings they’ve planted matured.


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  1. Charles replied:

    Where can we buy motorized SRI weeders?

  2. tommy malatamban replied:

    i found the sri method farming thru my brother james cudal he told me to search in the internet and use the sri method of farming. what i have read was true out of an area of one thousand six hundred twenty square meters harvested forty seven sacks of palay. This cropping with the help of God almighty the 2.3 hectare of my farm farm lot will be planted with rice using the sri method of farming. We will shower the blessing to others i encourage my co farmer in Simaya, Malaybalay City but hesitant to follow. My prayer that someday they will realize the important of sri

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