Simple thing matters

I had an unforgettable moment back in my Filipino class during school days. Our teacher wanted us to sing a piece of Tagalog song for one of our practicum. I was so nervous that time and wanted to go out on class because I felt so shy to sing with my classmates around.  I knew I can’t sing well and I didn’t memorized a song. Even our teacher told us to ignore the voice just sing because its not the voice matter but the used of Tagalog language.

So I had no option but to sing in order for me to get grades on my practicum. It was really an embarrassing moment for me that time but whenever I remember it, it made me smile because of that simple thing but matters most on me.

One thing I actually realized on this experienced of mine. I conquered my fears, a fear to perform in front of my classmate and a fear to get an incomplete grade. I’m glad I made it!


July 26, 2010. Uncategorized.

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