How to write an SRI experiment plot proposal

In general, proposal has same guidelines. But the structure varies depending on whom you want to write. Basically, you want your proposal to be accepted. Below are the steps to help you write specifically on SRI experiment plot proposal.


  1. Create a title page. It includes the title of the proposal, Project proponent, contact person and address. Also project location, target beneficiaries and total project cost.
  2. Write a concrete introduction. Define the subject (System of Rice intensification (SRI) concept) and the purpose why an experiment plot? and describe the problem (hesitant to practice SRI) . Briefly explain your plans (model plot) to solve the problem. Summarize the history and background of SRI, Farmers practices, problems encounter, existing solutions and other issues that trigger to come up with your plans.
  3. Present your plans. Discuss your plans and projected result. You should present data’s to validate and solidify that your plans is the best solution to the problem. Your plans includes the management team, monitoring, production agreement, locations, training on staff and other aspects that significant to the propose project.
  4. Develop a budget plan. It is the vital part of the plan because it is the life blood of the project. And for the funding agency to see the feasibility of the project.
  5. Make a timeline. It will concretize the plans and implementation of the project. It includes the time needed to accomplish the goals and related objectives on each activity. Also the person responsible on every task.
  6. End with a convincing and reliable conclusion. Summarize your propose plans that make the funding agency addressed your problem. They will convince that it is necessary to fund the project and your solution to the problem is the best option.


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