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We had a brief lecture regarding corporate identity, last Sunday August 8, 2010 at Pasali office. Our guest from Netherland Mr. Michiel Wolters, an industrial design student. He gave his feedback on Pasali informational kit (press kit) we made, including the brochures of Pasali.

We (student) in copywriting course has lack of knowledge in design. It is not our craft. But we are very much interested to learn, even basics of design that we can use in our endeavors. Mr. Wolters suggestions on the informational kit:


  • Pasali have only one logo that represents the identity of the organization.
  • Even it has many programs/departments that operate separately; it should have one main logo. There is small additional detail that specifies its difference but the idea should be recognize as same organization.
  • The logo should be quite bigger and clear to see easily the impression.

Logo Colors

  • Don’t use spectrum logo and it should not pixelated.
  • If it has multiple colors, don’t make too detailed/obvious colors because it will look exaggerated. Just simple!
  • Basically, use one color to represent the identity of the organization.


  • It is suggested to use gray scale text because it’s easier to read.
  • Be consequent in text alignment and spacing.
  • Use same font on all text, the font size and colors varies, it depends on the usage.  


  • The picture should be clear and easy to recognize. Put a picture that at one glance you can see what it is about.
  • Don’t use too smalls picture.
  • If more than one picture, the style (shape, borders) should be the same with the others.

These points could be bundled into a STYLE GUIDE. So, it will easily recognize that it is one organization (PASALI). I know there are so many things that we should learn in corporate identity. ButI think the things above are the good start.


August 11, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. tonsofpaperbrokenpen replied:

    Agreed to all the above. Work will not only be much easier, but also faster when working with templates.

    Props to Michiel!

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