A finance system that empower farmers

Pasali will extend support to SRI farmers in Palimbang not individually but through farmer’s cooperatives. Farmers are forming cooperative  themselves in every village with the help of Pasali staff.

In this system, all support to farmers will be granted into farmer’s cooperative, onetime cash for planting, seeds, organic fertilizer for all members. Every member should practice SRI, ¼ hectare trial plot for new and maximum of 3 hectares for old practitioner. Their respective cooperative is responsible for the distribution of finance individually and collection of account. The farmers nearby can also avail the farm equipments (tractor, thresher & weeder) of Pasali through rentals.

This kind of finance system toward farmers is definitely better than individual support. It is easier to monitor and farmers will not be dependent to Pasali. They will learn to enhance and maximize on what they have and not always asking on what could be given to them.

In fact this kind of support was already practiced by Pasali to 33 individual SRI farmers. The result was good since almost all farmers paid back the finances to them, but there are some who got failure on their yields because of farm infestation.

Farmers have positive response to this kind of support. Though it’s not enough to cover all the expenses in farming, but it gave hope for them and a chance to uplift their living by helping and trusting each other. In which can create a lasting peace that Pasali also promotes.

Pasali main goal is building an empowered and sovereign community that promotes food security. Pasali want farmers to boost up the support to them to become  sustainable. And they believed that this approach be able to empower farmers and eventually on their community.


August 30, 2010. Uncategorized.

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