From food insecurity to food sovereignty

Biao is a Manobo Indigenous people (IP) community in Palimbang. It has vast and fertile land. With the help of Pasali, who introduced sustainable upland farming in 2006. Biao is now cultivated much of its land for rice and corn adapting upland SRI and so called System of Corn Intensification (SCI). And an integrated or intercropping of upland SRI and SCI is also recently practice in Biao. They cultivated about 40 hectares for rice and corn farming, more than enough for consumption.

Mr. Duma Bonifacio, sittio biao leader with his wife Vilma and two farmers of Biao on their farm

With the leadership of Mr. Duma Bonifacio and his wife Vilma, people in Biao is heading into one destination-  uplift their lives. In their farming, every purok (zone) in village has its own area maintained and individual farmer have ½ to 2 hectares farm adapted upland SRI, SCI and intercropping. The good thing is they help each other in plowing, planting and everyone is dedicating on their farm. This month they started harvesting their corn.

SCI resulted 2- 4 corn in one plant

Indeed, Biao is on his way-  “from food insecurity to food sovereignty”. Before, most of the time their food is root crops such as camote or cassava, even this is lacking. Very few families grow vegetables in their backyard, they relied much on bamboo shoots and rattan spurt. And now Biao was expected to harvest hundreds sacks of rice and corn, sufficient to feed people of Biao and can even trade to other community.


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