A trip to Manobo village in Sitio Biao

It was my second visit to Biao, an indigenous village last September 13-14 with Pasali staff. We went there to observe their daily lives and to know some of important things, like about their health, education, family, farming, manobo’s food, tools and transportation.  We group our self into two and pick one of those topics, then find relevant information and write a story about it.

I and my partner Esnaira assigned in education.


It is about 16 kilometers going up to Biao and it’s really hard because of rocky road and muddy canals. Our companions rode at motorcycles and some at horse. I and my partner decided to walk going up with two others until the motorcycle came back to fetch us to reach the village. It was a great and new experienced to me because it’s my first time to walk about 2 hours straight considering that it is mountainous. Along our way, we saw the two long snakes which already dead. Walking up was really tiring but exciting even my feet is hurting because of my shoes, which it’s not comfortable.

The rocky and muddy road was quite risky especially if you are riding motorcycles, there is a chance that motorcycle will fall down. That’s why it’s better to walk.

We arrived at village afternoon and go back next day afternoon.  A one day experienced to be with the manobo’s was not enough to know them better, but to be part of their day was really an unforgettable experience.


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