Self evaluation

I overcome so many challenges, from simple things to complicated and learned more on  this copywriting course. Writing was the ultimate challenge, because I had difficulty writing what I think of. As the training goes on, Im getting used into writing, but I need time to be able to write what is on my mind.

I learned basic of  photography and taking videos, and I read more readings about it, but when I’m taking photos I forgot those guidelines. It’s really not easy to be a good one, it needs a lot of practice! practice! practice.

I am new in writing field, still learning and need to learn more. I am proud that my blog on CRS training and Pasali motorized weeder  was linked on news of Pasali that placed by Ciifad on their website.

Still, I have a hard time in coping my schedule. I have lot of task to be done, individually, with partner and group but I’m always distracted with other unexpected activities. The most important thing that I should learn is to be time wise and have discipline in working my task. Priority should always be a priority.

From the start of the training I expected to encounter so many challenges, the course ”copywriting”  itself was really a big challenge. And then now, if  I look back, I can definitely say, I’ve grown not only in writing but also as an individual.


October 11, 2010. Uncategorized.

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