Children’s convention

In celebration of  National children’s month, Pasali Children’s Desk conducted a two days children’s convention. It was held at T’boli beach, Bawing General Santos City last October 18-19, 2010. The purpose of convention is to build children’s awareness on their rights as well as their responsibilities, well being, and to build cultural understanding among children’s from different ethnic group.

Fifty- eight children from different ethnic group with their teachers/social workers and parents/guardians participated in convention. Eleven Manobo students from Biao, Sixteen Cebuano from Barangay Fatima, ,Ten Tiboli from San Jose, Ten Badjao from Bawing, and Eleven Maguindanaon students from Tambler.

The activities were a series of lectures and about rights, family and environment. An Animated film viewing, theatrical acts and cultural presentations were also included.

The best thing in those activities was the children encouraged to show their talents, interact with other children and built understanding among children despite of cultural differences.



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