This blog was  started as student blog which I posted all about my journey on ” introduction to copywriting and development work training”  under PASALI Philippines Foundation Inc., which includes our assignments, activities, learnings , and experiences.



  1. spulmano replied:

    Try to personalize it a bit. Start with “I am” or something else that gives the reader the feeling you are talking to them. 😀

  2. dan t. ela replied:

    hi! i’m a rice farmer in mawab, compostela valley. i’v adopted sri’s planting tech –particularly the planting distance (though, i wasnt yet aware that it was an sri tech) — for over 4 years now. though, the attitude of transplanters and even seedling harvesters remain to be a continuing challenge using the technology specially since they have been accustomed to transplanting with closer spacing and multiple seedlings. having recently learned of pasali’s motorized weeder have again encouraged me to adopt it, and also to show other rice farmers in our area “modern” technologies in support of sri. may i know how much the motorized weeder costs and how to order? thank you very much!

  3. Rene D. Garcia replied:

    Can you please give me a contact person from Pasali Phils. Foundation, Inc. so with their celphone nos. since I am interested on their motorized weeder. Thank you very much.

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