Self evaluation

It was another month passed by on this introduction to copywriting course.  But still I had a hard time  coping up deadlines on my blog assignments.  I need to work and think quick so I can make my assignments on time.  I knew I had lapses on blog assignment. So I must follow what is scheduled. I should have discipline on working; the things that must be done today should not be work tomorrow.

The expectations are getting high.  I appreciated very much on the things that happening on my life. But doing a multiple tasks is big challenges to me. I need to be confine on it so it will be easier for me to finish my task.

I had a very good practiced on photography. Taking videos of events and pictures of faces, location and more was really a good experienced. My favorites are my photos on rainbow and sunset.


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Simple thing matters

I had an unforgettable moment back in my Filipino class during school days. Our teacher wanted us to sing a piece of Tagalog song for one of our practicum. I was so nervous that time and wanted to go out on class because I felt so shy to sing with my classmates around.  I knew I can’t sing well and I didn’t memorized a song. Even our teacher told us to ignore the voice just sing because its not the voice matter but the used of Tagalog language.

So I had no option but to sing in order for me to get grades on my practicum. It was really an embarrassing moment for me that time but whenever I remember it, it made me smile because of that simple thing but matters most on me.

One thing I actually realized on this experienced of mine. I conquered my fears, a fear to perform in front of my classmate and a fear to get an incomplete grade. I’m glad I made it!

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Proposal for SRI model plot

Many farmers in Palimbang are still hesitant to use SRI. And if they do so, they don’t always follow all SRI guidelines. As a result, those who practice SRI only reach half of the full potential harvest. So to present them with strong evidence and to convince them of the gains if SRI was practiced more thoroughly, Pasali plans to create another model plot. It will be worked by youth from the farming to the monitoring to the finances.

My task is to write the plan or proposal for this. And below is an overview of this task:

Activity Scheduled date Document
  • Research, Read and Review: On SRI concept articles/ online, leaflets, readers, and other related document
July 19, 2010 Make a list of gathered information/ data
  • Discuss with Nonoy, Cocoy, Beth and Annabelle and farm technicians regarding the assignment on SRI experiment proposal
July 25 Make a list of gathered information/ data
  • Post blog on progress of assignment
July 29 Blog post
  • Draft the proposal on SRI experiment plot
Aug. 4 Draft proposal
  • Edit the proposal on SRI experiment plot
Aug. 11 Edit proposal
  • Post blog on progress of assignment
Aug. 14 Blog post
  • Edit the proposal on SRI experiment plot
Aug. 18 Edit proposal
  • Finalize the proposal on SRI experiment plot
Aug. 26 Final proposal
  • Post blog on progress of assignment
Aug. 28 Blog post
  • Deadline of Assignment
September 1 Proposal for SRI experiment plot

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