Children’s convention

In celebration of  National children’s month, Pasali Children’s Desk conducted a two days children’s convention. It was held at T’boli beach, Bawing General Santos City last October 18-19, 2010. The purpose of convention is to build children’s awareness on their rights as well as their responsibilities, well being, and to build cultural understanding among children’s from different ethnic group.

Fifty- eight children from different ethnic group with their teachers/social workers and parents/guardians participated in convention. Eleven Manobo students from Biao, Sixteen Cebuano from Barangay Fatima, ,Ten Tiboli from San Jose, Ten Badjao from Bawing, and Eleven Maguindanaon students from Tambler.

The activities were a series of lectures and about rights, family and environment. An Animated film viewing, theatrical acts and cultural presentations were also included.

The best thing in those activities was the children encouraged to show their talents, interact with other children and built understanding among children despite of cultural differences.



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Classroom: an entrance into the world

“The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it.”- John Ciardi

When we think of classroom, the first thing comes to mind; a room in one school building, full of educational materials with nice design and decorations. And now, it can be a room that is well equipped of modern technology like TVs, LCD projectors and computers. But what if it is just a room with blackboard and chairs inside, no educational materials even an alphabet posters, animal charts which is commonly present in kinder and primary classroom. And it is not even properly covered. Like this:

Those are the classrooms in Biao, an Indigenous People (Manobo) village on top of the mountain. Despite their rooms looks empty, it has a great value on everyone because it was built by the effort of community themselves. The teachers said, “We really need at least a visual aid that the students can see the picture of what we are talking about, like animals and things describe in an alphabet.” Even their classroom is lacking of so many things, still the students learned and very enthusiastic to learn more. But how can their classroom be an entrance into the world? If even a simple educational materials wasn’t available.

So far the local government and department education only approved the Day care (Kinder) in Biao. It was last school year the old students already proceeded to primary level but the government’s department of education doesn’t yet formally approve the primary school in Biao. So the village still waiting the government approval and hoping that it will also provide classrooms and teachers in Biao. Certainly, it is the government responsibility to do so, they hold the master key to open the door and give a chance the Biao students explore the world.

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Self evaluation

I overcome so many challenges, from simple things to complicated and learned more on  this copywriting course. Writing was the ultimate challenge, because I had difficulty writing what I think of. As the training goes on, Im getting used into writing, but I need time to be able to write what is on my mind.

I learned basic of  photography and taking videos, and I read more readings about it, but when I’m taking photos I forgot those guidelines. It’s really not easy to be a good one, it needs a lot of practice! practice! practice.

I am new in writing field, still learning and need to learn more. I am proud that my blog on CRS training and Pasali motorized weeder  was linked on news of Pasali that placed by Ciifad on their website.

Still, I have a hard time in coping my schedule. I have lot of task to be done, individually, with partner and group but I’m always distracted with other unexpected activities. The most important thing that I should learn is to be time wise and have discipline in working my task. Priority should always be a priority.

From the start of the training I expected to encounter so many challenges, the course ”copywriting”  itself was really a big challenge. And then now, if  I look back, I can definitely say, I’ve grown not only in writing but also as an individual.

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